The Explorers, a film by Kai Staats Monitor Gray, a film by Kai Staats A Study in Motion, a film by Kai Staats Beneath the Church of the Redeemer, a film by Kai Staats

Film Production for Science Outreach & Education

"When I am behind the camera, I have no choice but to shut up and listen. I ask questions only long enough to open the flood gate that awaits within. I have learned, through my work in film around the world, that everyone has a compelling story to share. It is not just the adventurers, the founders, the leaders, but also those who are living life day to day that have a story worth telling.

From a field beneath a dark sky in the Adirondacks of upstate New York to an active volcano in Hawaii; from the robotics lab of NASA to the rural villages of Tanzania, there are stories to move us, to make us laugh, to cause us to cry." --Kai Staats, Producer