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“Song of the Stars” on PBS Member Stations

Song of the Stars (see January 28 for more information) will in the summer of 2017 aire on these PBS Member Stations, 17% of the United States television viewing audience:

Augusta / Allendale, SC – SCETV/WEBA
Charleston, SC – SCETV/WITV
Charlotte / Rock Hill, SC – WNSC
Cincinnati, OH – WCET ARTS
Columbia / Sumter, SC- WRJASCETV/WRJA
Columbia, SC – SCETV/WRLK
Columbus, OH – WOSU
Fairbanks, AK – KUAC
Flint/Saginaw, MI – WDCP
Greenville/Spartanburg SC – SCETV/WNEH
Greenville/Spartanburg SC – SCETV/WNTV
Greenville/Spartanburg, SC – SCETV/WRET
Idaho Public Television, ID – KAID
Idaho Public Television, ID – KCDT
Idaho Public Television, ID – KIPT
Idaho Public Television, ID – KISU
Idaho Public Television, ID – KUID
Las Vegas, NV – VegasPBS KLVX
Los Angeles San Bernadino, CA – KVCR
Memphis, TN – WKNO
Memphis, TN – KNO-2
Myrtle Beach/Florence, SC – SCETV/WJPM
Myrtle Beach/Florence/Conway, SC – SCETV/WHMC
Orlando, FL – WEFS
Salt Lake City – UT – KUEN
San Antonio TX – KLRN
San Francisco / San Mateo, CA – KCSM
San Francisco/Cotati, CA – KRCB
Savannah / Beaufort, SC – SCETV/WJWJ
South Carolina Channel, SC – SCETV/WNSC
Spokane / Pullman, WA – KWSU
St Thomas, VI – WTJX

Stay tuned for updates …


“LIGO Detection”

Every day we read the headline news in which ‘Scientist claim …’ and ‘Scientist discover …’ and ‘Scientists report …’ But what does it mean to make an extraordinary claim? What goes on behind the scenes, long before the newspaper or journal article hit the street, before the web article goes live? In this, the 3rd film about LIGO, we investigate what unfolded between September 14, 2015 and February 11, 2016 when LIGO announced it had detected the merger of two black holes in a distant galaxy.

On February 7, 2017 New Scientist hosted the exclusive premiere for LIGO Detection. The film is now available via the National Science Foundation’s Roku channel, national PEG TV, and the NSF Science360 web platform and iPad app.

This film was funded by the National Science Foundation, Caltech, MIT, Louisiana State University, University of Mississippi, and the University of Glasgow, Scotland. To learn more, visit www.kaistaats.com and www.facebook.com/ligofilm


“Song of the Stars”

Over the Sun, LLC was in the fall of 2015 engaged by Dr. Paul Sutter, astrophysicist at The Ohio State University, and Artistic Director Cassia Cramer of the Seven Dance Company, to produce a feature film of the one-time live performance of Song of the Stars.

In this original fusion of science and dance, you will travel through the vast cosmos, witnessing the first stars sparking a revolution from total darkness, the fatal love of two galaxies, and a cataclysmic death that brings hope to a new generation.

The March 2016 Kickstarter campaign successfully raised $25,000. On April 21, Over the Sun’s Kai Staats, Leonardo Buono, Joe Chilcott, and Colleen Cooley captured the one-time live performance at the Capitol Theatre, Columbus, Ohio. On Saturday, January 28, 2017 the film, edited by Kai Staats with an original musical score by Joe Chilcott premiered at the Gateway Film Theater in downtown Columbus, Ohio, as announced on News Channel Fox28..

To learn more, visit www.songofthestars.org


Discovery Channel, Science Channel

Over the Sun’s footage and b-roll generated for its first two films, “LIGO, A Passion for Understanding” and “LIGO Generations” has been licensed by the Morgan Freeman’s, “Through the Wormhole” and by Discovery Channel, Canada.

Additional licensees and users of this footage include The Boston Group, Toyama TV (Japan), Yap Films, Georgia Tech, MIT, Caltech-JPL, and the University of Mississippi.


The STEAM Factory

Over the Sun is proud to work with Dr. Paul Sutter, astrophysicist at The Ohio State University’s CCAPP and Chief Scientist at Columbus’ COSI for the development of a short film and hands-on science center exhibit. This project is funded by a grant from the STEAM Factory, a diverse and inclusive grass-roots network in the Ohio State community that facilitates creative and interdisciplinary collaboration, innovation and dissemination.

This grant engages Over the Sun to produce its first planetarium film. The film will introduce radio astronomy while tying the source of electromagnetic radiation to all living things. The hands-on exhibit will detect microwaves generated by the human body as demonstration of even the human body as a source of radiation.

The interviews are concluded, with footage acquisition at the Very Large Array (VLA), New Mexico, VFX generation, and editing to be completed in early 2017.