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MDRS Mars Crew 134 Astronaut Analog

On January 18, 2014 a crew of six highly qualified scientists and engineers and one documentary film maker will enter the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) in the high, winter desert near Hanksville, Utah, for the duration of two weeks.

Simulated off-world, isolated habitats (analogs) have been used by universities and government sponsored space programs for decades as a means of conducting astronaut training, psychological and food studies, and to test equipment and new technologies which will be used in real space programs.

Over the Sun’s Kai Staats lived and worked as a Technician and embedded filmmaker with MarsCrew134. Kai captured the full Mission on film through six short videos produced exclusively for Space.com. Visit www.marscrew134.org to watch the videos and to learn how these dedicated individuals worked to prepare for a near-future missions to Mars.

To learn more, visit www.marscrew134.org and mdrs.marssociety.org


South African Astronomical Observatory

This short film was produced as an experiment in how a short, documentary style film may be effective in presenting the very real intrigue and enthusiasm for science as enjoyed by scientists themselves. Astronomy in particular is a field of research which engages the public in a direct, life-long interest in what we see in the dark night skies.

Watch the short film Chasing Asteroid 1998 QE2


German Archaeological Institute

During his volunteer position as Interim Director of Communication for the Evangelical Luthern Church of Jordan & the Holy Land in East Jerusalem, Over the Sun’s Kai Staats was given opportunity to work with the Germany Archaeological Institute to produce a short, educational/promotional film about the four year effort to prepare the site beneath the Church of the Redeemer in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Watch the short film Beneath the Church of the Redeemer


Ron Spomer Outdoors, Inc.

Over the Sun’s Kai Staats and Jake Fedie provide Ron Spomer Outdoors with website development, film production, and business development.

Together, Staats and Spomer produced more than two dozen short films which ranged in topic from how to select the best boots for hunting to the mating behavior of the North American Caribou. These 3 to 7 minute shorts were designed to both educate and entertain while sharing Spomer’s incredible working knowledge of and passion for the dwindling natural world.

Watch four short films produced for RSO.