Song of the Stars Song of the Stars Song of the Stars Song of the Stars

Over the Sun, LLC was in the fall of 2015 engaged by Dr. Paul Sutter, astrophysicist at The Ohio State University, and Artistic Director Cassia Cramer of the Seven Dance Company, to produce a feature film of the one-time live performance of Song of the Stars.

In this original fusion of science and dance, you will travel through the vast cosmos, witnessing the first stars sparking a revolution from total darkness, the fatal love of two galaxies, and a cataclysmic death that brings hope to a new generation.

The March 2016 Kickstarter campaign successfully raised $25,000. On April 21, Over the Sun’s Kai Staats, Leonardo Buono, Joe Chilcott, and Colleen Cooley captured the one-time live performance at the Capitol Theatre, Columbus, Ohio. On Saturday, January 28, 2017 the film, edited by Kai Staats with an original musical score by Joe Chilcott premiered at the Gateway Film Theater in downtown Columbus, Ohio, as announced on News Channel Fox28..

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