Software & Systems Development
Over the Sun is currently, principally engaged in the development of SIMOC and SAM (as described on the Project page). The dynamic team dedicated to this effort spans the United States, Canada, Ukraine, and Italy. We are creative, enthusiastic, and driven to produce hi-fidelity models of and analogs for long-duration, off-world human habitation.

Kai Staats, Project Lead
Ezio Melotti, Lead SIMOC Developer
Grant Hawkins, SIMOC Developer
Iurii Milovanov, SIMOC Developer
Sheri Klug Boonstra, Associate Lead at Arizona State University
Don Boonstra, Educational Lead
Bryan Versteeg, Habitat Architect and 3D Artist

Film Production
Kai Staats, Producer
Leonardo Buono, Director of Photography; VFX artist
Joe Chilcott, audio engineer; composer
Jae Staats, Consultant
Christopher Leps, Consultant

Kai Staats, Executive Director
Linda Staats, Research Associate
Jake Fedie, website developer
Christopher Murtagh, systems administration